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Upgrade your faux plant

Faux or real this designer tip can work for both. I like to see a completed look and open baskets with nothing going on kinda drives me insane. Here’s what you’ll need

I thought I took pictures of each step but realized after I was done I did not. None the less this is super easy and these steps should give you a great picture of what to do!

What you’ll need.

  1. basket or pot of choice that your faux plant will go into.

  2. Plant,

  3. moss,

  4. mod podge,

  5. scissors,

  6. pencil and

  7. cardboard (if using a real plant use a clear saucer and no modpodge is needed)

Let’s get started.

Start by cutting a circle the size of your basket. Then a whole around in the middle. Essentially you will have two haves. I cut a hole in the middle the size of the small pot the fiddle leaf tree (or your plant) is attached to. You really just need the middle piece to be the size of the branch stem this way the moss fits snuggly around the stem. However my basket’s size was a bit wonky as its been crushed and resized. Don’t ask, lol (kids and dog)

Here’s another view, you can see how I sliced the circle in half and then a smaller circle within.

Next we are tracing the moss to the card board and adhering it with mod podge. I find it that mod podge holds up really well, drys clear, especially if you get it in areas that will show that you wouldn’t want it to. This particular moss comes in a sheet with a lining on the other side so much easier that just placing handful of loose moss and glueing down.

Your final piece should like this or similar.

Let’s add it to our basket. So my tree wouldn’t shift around in the basket considering the fact that the base isn’t flat I stuffed it with packing paper. Something darker to match basket would have been better but I did not have any and I could always replace it later.

here’s a top view

Let’s add the second half. Now because the circle is bigger than the basket and the middle circle I cut out is bigger than the stem of the tree they end up over lapping nicely.

VOILA!!! The completed look. You can barely see the seams where the two halves overlap. Iv’e done this before with other decor. Get creative and tag me on IG with your latest faux upgrade.

The final look!

It has made it’s way to a new place here in our media room. It looks so much more complete with this great little detail.

You can find my favorite round up of baskets and materials used here for the DIY, and so much more.

**Please note that this post contains affiliate links and any sales made through such links will reward me a small commission – at no extra cost for you.


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