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The Tour of Christmas Past!

Christmas is my all time favorite holiday! I start my Christmas decorating by:

One- taking a look at my favorite retailers for some amazing inspiration. Yes, Target is one that never fails! Their Christmas items are always so pretty, and you can get some great deals. I also check out my favorite designers, they have the best glamorous ideas.

I enjoy taking a look at what I loved from last year, and what you didn't work. Here are a few of last years favorites that I absolutely loved, so let's get right to it!!!

In the entry way, we had the cutest St. Nicolas hanging out with this gorgeous Joy sign.

Entryways are a great way to introduce a guest to your Christmas decor. You can take advantage of that and create a little vignette, feature something of a larger scale on the wall (such as a wreath or a sign like below) and decorative items on your entry table.

Now, let's move on to bookshelves. They can be tricky but I loved how perfect they were for showcasing Christmas items that I have collected over the years.

Here's a few simple tips. Place leftover ornaments in baskets or glass vases to add texture and that extra Christmas touch. Letter boards are great and affordable and can be used for all seasons by adding some fun messages. Don't forget some of your everyday items that you love, like pretty notebooks you might have stored somewhere and have yet to use, or even books.

I love gift wrapping. As a kid, my parents would let me gift wrap everyones' gifts and I'd spend a whole day coming up with creative ways to cut one sheet of wrapping paper and using it several ways. My obsession with retail packaging stems from this 🙃. So get creative! All you have to do is try. Use the same colors from your ornaments or get really fun and use complimentary colors.

I'm not sure if there's anything prettier than a beautifully put together table-scape. You can use plastic utensils if you'd like, but maybe this year get the pretty gold ones with added detail. Dress the table with a mix of faux stems or fresh floral, whichever floats your boat but don't forget to add it in. Plates are my favorite! Get some with pretty messages or fun colors and don't forget some decorative linen.

This next piece was my absolute favorite, assembled with the most simple decor ever! A beautiful bowl and some Christmas floral sprigs and picks layered in. These items are easily found everywhere so, depending on your budget, you can find them at the craft store, Target, local big box stores and designer stores.

And now for the pièce de ré·sis·tance! I am so in love with this flocked tree. It really does not need much. You could put it up sans ornaments and it just would be perfect.

Did I say Christmas is my favorite?!?!?!? When I say I go all out for Christmas... I do! Here's a selfie of me. This blazer was so much fun!!!! It even had lights! I wore it to work last year, (perfect for virtual meetings this year 🤪), and then after work to the family get together. It was the best $15 bucks I could have spent. I hope you had fun with a few Christmas tips from my "Christmas Past". I'll see you for my "Christmas Present"tour.

(**disclaimer I am not affiliated with any of the mentioned retailers.)


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