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Summer trends

Hey GUYS!!! Ready for summer? I know I sure as heck am. I am dying for some hot hot weather. Well warm, no heatwaves makes people a bit cray- cray if ya know what I mean.

Today's talk is all about trends. The good thing about trendy pieces is when they hit the shelves you can find them anywhere so you can find some good deals if you shop around. I always say spend the most on your big staples such as dining table, large furniture pieces and then shop around for some decor. These pieces can be changed seasonally and can be found at many stores ranging from low to high.

With TRENDS being all the rage, here's a few of my favorites for this summer 2019. Great way to stay on trend and spruce the place up without breaking the bank. We know greenery is a great way to soften up your space. Now we can say good bye to your old and regular potted planters with these beautiful ones. We are looking at (left to right) mixed materials. Metals infused in stone, re-born terracotta, terracotta is beautiful, organic and earthy, now look for some in different shapes, geometric, or even this tubular one is great for table tops corner side tables etc. Wooden baskets with mixed materials or partially painted. Another new trend is the stone pot in the raised legs giving it a a mid-century vibe.

Have an old plant already and not so crazy about it, just re pot them. Live or faux. Take a look at this one I found at the thrift store I can't find the original picture of it but found one online of how it used to look like before (pic left) and here's how great it looks like after I replaced it with a more modern planter I found at Ross for $14 bucks. Stay on trend without breaking the budget. Such a huge difference right?

Mixed metals is another trend we have been seeing a lot, not just buy using brass and silver, but now infusing them with wood. Organic pieces are beautiful in their distinct ways they pair well with so many others. Here's a couple I found online so pretty. Perfect for even outdoor dinning.

On a trip to TJ MAXX I found the loveliest tray made of Marble and with golden handles. I'm not crazy about bright flashy gold but this one had lots of texture. Perfect, and in my shopping cart it went.

For Mothers day my mom gifted me with the loveliest wooden items. You know you are an adult when you get home items as gifts and jump for joy. The salad spoons are light and paired well with my cheese board even if the metals aren't exactly the same.

She also gave me this wooden bowl, ECSTATIC!! Such a classic item, gives me a bit of nostalgia reminds me of all the beautifully handmade wooden items from my motherland. Trendy and yet timeless.

Home decorative items can easily update a space, we see more stone made modern with a mix of metals.


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