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Summer series

Favorite things, for your Patio

A love a good Patio enjoying your home outdoors entertaining guest made easy

July is a great time for sales and clearance items. So if you didn’t get anything for your patio in the spring it’s NOT too late. Check out my dorm

Of my favorites, save this for later. Some of us can put the patio together in a summer and for others will slowly come together

I am in the later. I like to collect items and I love a good sale!

Okay!! I have to admit there’s 3 must haves for your patio.

SHADE! If you don’t have a tree that gives you shade or maybe you do but it’s not where you need it to be. You’re going to need shade. The sun can get a bit HOT! Am I right lol. Also for those summer rainy days

How to get Shade. Well you can buy a pergola or have one built. However that might be a bigger investment you can start off by purchasing an umbrella and don’t be afraid to use two you don’t have to just have one.

**Please note that this post contains affiliate links and any sales made through such links will reward me a small commission – at no extra cost for you*.


Seating!! I say a couple arm chairs and a sofa this set is so comfy I have it myself. Yes you can have a dining set but unless your dining you wont use it all the time and you can always have a bite to eat while you sit and lounge. AM I RIGHT 🙂


A potters bench.

I have been obsessed with this potters bench, since I laid eyes on it! Mainly because it is styled so well, and the details, The wheels and the counter top, hooks and all!

I LOVE LOVE a good entertaining station.

Now you don’t have to get this one in particular however it really paints the picture for you.

I have seen plenty of potters bench’s in so many stores. You can turn into a great beverage or snack station for Friends family or even the kiddos. What makes it so awesome is you don’t have to use it for gardening. You can use it as an entertaining station. Have a drink station for your guest and snacks. Throw in a speaker for some music and create the ambience. Have a snacks. Or just simply a place to help you set your citronella candles phone cups etc.



Lights? If you’ve been following me you know I talk about lights a lot. They are essential! Not only is it functional but it creates the mood.

A few ways you can bring those in, is by adding patio over head lights. Either attaching to a a pergola or stringing them from one side to another, Pinterest will have lots of DIYS.

Use LED candles around the perimeter of the space. Have having floor lights to illuminate the pathway and or your surrounding seating. Or all three, lol!

This is going to give you lights for your task and light your pathways. Especially if you are hanging out after sunset.

I hope this helps you get your patio started. The rest will come together.

Favorites and more

Find my summer favorites here. Be on the look out for more.

I love a good game of splurge or save…

Thanks for stoping by I hope you enjoyed my summer series, now go make summer memories in your outdoor space.


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