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Shelfie Worthy

Let’s talk SHELFIE! Everyone wants a shelfie worthy photo. I am sharing just a few tips to get you there.

YASS!!! Designer tip’s today. Always think in THREE’S, we balance and create proportion this way. Check out the picture below. We add something tall and two balancing items on the side to create a triangle.

Let’s talk about that Triangle, use something tall and flanking objects on the side. Although its not a perfect triangle you can see it because the picture frame is in the back elevated and the items off to the side are in front.

What can I use? The biggest question I get. Start with what you have. Picture frames are your friend. Use them unconventionally. I always frame left over wallpaper. Or maybe you got a really pretty bag and the graphic is too perfect to through out. GUESS WHAT?? Frame it!! These THREE items below everyone has

  1. Picture frame

  2. plant, faux or real

  3. books

Lastly something decorative that’s non functional. Here you will see that wooden chained link, it’s non functional.

I replaced the books with magazines. YASSSS you can totally use magazines. Throw the prettiest cover on top.

Lastly, repetition, repeat, repeat. Repeat a color and texture. I repeated the color brown and white, the green is added in a natural organic element with the plants. Faux or real they add some life and complete the design.

Okay you totally got this now go ahead and give it a shot. It may take a couple try’s but don’t give up. Tag me on IG with your fabulous SHELFIE, use #KKIDSHELFIE and get featured on my stories.

I didn’t’ link anything because mostly everything is a few years old and no longer available.


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