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National Craft month

Did you know its national craft month?? Neither did I till early this week. This is so exciting a whole month dedicated to crafting. In January we started purging the house, as I was purging my office I felt the need to "create" so I started to take my crafting things back out of the bins and decided to create a space in my office. I reminded myself that my love for design began with crafting and this is where I found my passion and sparked my creative journey.

Well lets get to the good stuff, I was able to play with design here and creatively create a space for all those small embellishments from the small rhinestones all the way to the paper goods and more.

Let's take a small tour, the first thing was this cute little built in, remember craft pieces come in so many colors and sizes and they always say "what you don't see you don't use" I really didn't want to create clutter, but I knew I had to be able to see what I had. I used lots of clear storage, from glass jars, and some plastic containers found at the dollar tree. I displayed a couple non functional decorative pieces like the art and the potted plant to tie the space together. Lots of favorites here, we have cute glitter displayed, a crown for my glue sticks, jars for buttons rhinestones and ribbon scraps. My go to books and journals. I have to say this thread storage from Joann was such a life saver. I was tired of digging through a box for it and then having to wrap it all back onto the spool, big plus they look so cute now too. The icing on the cake is the lighting, this little built in can get so dark by adding the lighting not only did it provided additional lighting, but also just brought out the beauty on this wallpaper design!

Next I really wanted to add a catch all for tools and some cute and functional items. Peg boards are so great for using that vertical space but they are not always aesthetically pleasing. Ikea's peg board has a pretty finished look, the surface is smooth and the edges are rounded, I have used this peg board in other areas but here I wanted to add a bit more by using a large frame to boarder the the peg board, and you can jazz up your regular peg boards too by doing so. The peg board is very versatile so you can always use it elsewhere if you change up your craft room at a later time.

I must say IKEA is my go to place for inexpensive yet great looking organizational pieces.

Can you believe that metal piece above the peg board is a magnetic knife holder, YESS it is. I sprayed painted it and added some metal round containers from the dollar tree to keep safe some delicate pieces I wouldn't want my little people to grab, like extra blades for the cutters. Just like the built in, I added a few decorative items. I used a light board I had tucked away I had forgotten I even had it. The gold envelop file holder was a perfect touch to tie in the gold and a pop of my favorite pink peonies.

Next is a cute little two tiered shelf I have used around the house before, so versatile, I think this may be it's permanent home, adds additional storage and easy access. A glass jar here again, this is actually a vase, I broke an apothecary jar but kept the lid and it fit perfect with my flower vase. Now I just add some fun go to paint swatches in it. My in progress fabric pieces for my current projects are displayed in the bottom tier, I wont forget they are there and the look pretty. I love decorative pieces displayed that bring function into play so I wont forget about projects.

Here's a look at the entire craft area, well not all, but this wall what I call the workstation, everything is within reach, ready to use, and my favorite part, now everything has a home.

Thanks for stopping by, there is so much more to see as there is more work in progress so stay tuned, be sure to check back for updates in the craft room and tons of cute projects coming up. Comment below what your favorite part of the craft station is. Or if you have any favorite ways to store your craft stash. I would love to know who comes to visit, show your support by subscribing you wont want to miss out on more things to come.

See you soon!


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