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Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Before you start your kitchen design

ahhh, so excited about this series!! Kitchen's are the heart of the homes, whether or not you cook everyone eats, am I right?

I am breaking this down to a few major points. because what's a pretty kitchen if it doesn't function for YOU!

STEP ONE Write done what you can't live without, like a dishwasher, maybe you want a microwave but don't want it over the range nor on the counter. You would also like to add a trash bin, or my favorite a hidden paper towel holder, yasss!! Now I wont lie all of these amenities start to add up which is why I always say plan ahead. So many people get sticker shock!

STEP TWO Decided where you would like these item's describe in your kitchen. Example pull out trash bin makes sense near the sink as well as dishwasher, trash goes in then rinse your plate then right into dishwasher maybe a left to right flow.

Are you a cook or like to meal prep? Maybe you want to designate an area for Tupperware. Which means having the right kind of cabinet is important. You wont want a door cabinet for this, you will want a drawer cabinet and maybe add a divider in there for lids. How about my bakers? I love to bake during the holidays but I wont if I cant find my proper sheets, or have enough counter space. Now see how this is going? Maybe you love to entertain and have grandmas favorite dishes passed on to you. The list can go on because everyone is different.

Why was that important? The kitchen is a huge investment and knowing what your priorities are will help you plan for the price point.


Let's talk about cabinetry organization and why its important. For each person things will be different. Let me tell you a secret. I DETEST looking for things. I get SO upset. Why? because for me it's about the time I lose looking for something. Organization keeps me happy, stress free and lets me do things without feeling limited. Now you try. If YOU had an organized kitchen what would that help YOU with? Maybe a healthier meals that week? Maybe more baking time with your kids (you know where your baking goodies are) No pulling out the mixer from that bottomless base cabinet.

It's been said, in your life you could average a total of 6 months looking for things. Which is why I say the better you organize the more time you spend doing things you actually love!

STEP 3 Hire HELP!! Look as a designer, when I tackle a project I decide what is more important. Again time is so valuable for me I want to be with my kids. So when it comes to bigger projects I need to hire help or even recruit a couple friends, lol. I even limit my DIY projects because I know I would rather design it than build it. There's a lot of ways to get help. I believe that for amount of time and money that goes into a kitchen design you really want help. Even if you stop at a kitchen design place and just ask questions and understand the differences in the wood being used makes a big difference in your project.

All in all, plan your priorities, list the must haves select your colors. I hope this helped and this is just the start stay tuned for more on our Kitchen design series.

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