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Halloween Round up!

A blast from the past.

Starting fall with some fun art and prints.

An absolute favorite and a timeless approach to your seasonal decor. Using a picture frame and fun chalk art brings in a bit of seasonal decor without conpromising your own home decor. You can incorporate a color palette fitting just for you.

Pattern play the KKID way, incorporating some black and white can add that halloween affect. Nothing to spooky here but I was inspired by the Haunted Mansion at Disney World Tons of cobweb and traditional home decor (timeless)

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Next Up

A snack bar, our kids favorite but not to mention our favorites as well. Great for movie night or pumpkin carving extravaganza. A few pieces of Halloween decor stuff with Candy and some delicious drinks.

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Let's not forget outdoors.

I love the Brownstone homes with the dark stair rails full of pumpkin's. Keeping it simple here not too many pumpkin's just enough not to crowd the space and a beautiful set of mums.

Back to snacks!!!

Oh a delicious tray of snacks all bought at the store, yes because sometimes life is too busy and that's ok. Just make it cute. I like to sneak in cute decorative plates on a large charcuterie tray makes it festive. Guess what you only have to buy one.

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Have fun and make some memories.

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