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Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Hey guys!! It's that time of year again, AKA my favorite holiday decorating season.

So excited, this year I was able to host a small Friendsgiving dinner with some amazing life long friends, so blessed to have them in my life.

at first I was hesitant to host as my house is always in disarray but that's the great thing about these friends when they've been around for a while it really doesn't matter how your house is. I did clean up, though.

Here are some ideas for a stress free, well almost stress free get to together, because if your OCD like me there's always a teeny tiny bit.

STEP ONE! Plan early. Select a theme, select a menu, make it potluck style so that you're not going bonkers. Purchase all items needed at least a week ahead.

STEP TWO! Make a cleaning schedule, yes a cleaning schedule and delegate with family members. Last thing you want to do is to be stuck cleaning day of or before when you should be setting up. You can definitely clean the week of the party, be sure to break down by task and keep your guest bathroom tidy and stocked.

STEP THREE! DECORATING TIME, decorate 1-2 days ahead. Set your tables up, bring out your serving dishes, get your stations ready, even make post its if you need to this helps you remember and anyone one else helping you, where things will go.

STEP FOUR! Party time, have your snacks and drinks ready, start bringing that out 1 hour prior to the arrival of your guest, you know someone is going to be early, lol.

I sent out my invite and collaborative with friends on the menu, a few weeks before the date. Next, before purchasing anything, I took inventory of what I had, I always keep a party bin of leftover and any unused party pieces, which at times is just enough for a small gathering. I came across these super cute napkins and matching plates. Also had a pack of gold plastic utensils. This was perfect, because I had already checked out Pinterest for some ideas and loved the idea of a bright and colorful Friendsgiving. I mean who doesn't love a pop of color or two. For reference I found these at a store called FIVE BELOW it was for my daughters bday party but we decided to go a different route that year.


Next the pièce de résistance.

Nothing says Friendsgiving like gold foil balloons to welcome your guest and make for a beautiful and simple backdrop. How stinking cute are these balloons, couldn't you agree more. They sit perfectly behind the dining table close to all your friends. And you can get them next day with amazon.


I decided not to formally set the table but to lay out a Charcuterie tray for a more fun and relaxed setting.

Remember I said lay out your dishes in advance, this helps so you know what dishes you are using and where you are placing them. I've always been obsessed with serve-ware as if I had a party every month😂 lol. I don't, but collecting them has helped me bring down the cost of my parties. No matter how small the party, you're going to spend money, so why worry about buying dishes all the time. Get yourself a great set of neutral serve ware that can be used time and time again. Everyone unknowingly gravitates to a specific color and over the years mine has been bone white not stark white and gold. I can tell you I have used them time and time again no matter what trend we are in. Remember food comes in a variety of color let your food be the art and your serve ware the canvas.

I laid out a couple cheese boards, just the way I wanted them for the party, and took mental note of what was going where.


I am so happy with the way the Charcuterie tray came out, it was so simple and festive the food did all the work for me. And how about those Rae Dunn knives. I think next time I'll add some fresh herbs, like thyme, would be the perfect finishing touch to it.

Best part of this, is there is no rhyme or reason to laying out your food items, add a few small bowls for items like fruits, olives or even jelly to add that extra layer and coral those items.


Mini cucumbers are another favorite of mine to add, they're cute and small, and oh so tasty. I prefer to slice them diagonally to add a bit more of interest. If anyone is interested I can make a separate post for my favorite entertaining recipes.

And how cute is this marble cheese board with gold polk a dots. I wasn't going to buy it on a trip to Nordstrom Rack and decided to last minute and guess what!! TAG said $17 clearance but when I checked out it was marked down to $5. FIVE DOLLARS PEOPLE, HECK YEA!!!


Keeping to my color scheme I found a perfect bunch of roses at my local grocery store. It was meant to be. I didn't have to do much but select this beauty of a vase from my moms house to display them in.


I made the simplest labels for the food by using these super cute orange picture frames, then printed my menu onto pink cardstock paper. Remember to shop your house. I had these laying around. Dollar tree keeps some in stock too that you can get without breaking the budget, or shoot for the dollar section of your local craft store like Michael's they typically keep some in stock, and another alternative are chalk board ones. This will add a decorative touch and be functional.


Add small and decorative details to your designated areas. Here I've set up a tiered tray for small snacks or to hold plates and napkins, a bowl for chips, a cake stand for dessert and the cutest owl by Kate spade for my utensils. It's okay if you move things around later but at least before hand you have what you need. I love keeping this vintage frame that's been chalk painted and as the seasons pass or birthdays come I add fun phrases and sayings to it. I DIY'd this small tissue garland just to bring in that color again and add to the decor. Lights are a perfect addition too. I hung a string of large bulbs here around they frame, they're just going to add some ambient light.


What's a Friendsgiving without a little BUBBLY right, YASS GURL!

The last and final station is my beverage station, I loved the way this turned out. So if you hadn't noticed my color scheme was pink and orange with gold accents and white as my base.

PINK cocktail glasses check!

Copper mules for that orange pop, CHECK!

Tissue garland in pink and orange tones, CHECK!

Hints of gold and white everywhere, CHECK!

So excited because I finally had a reason other then for myself to bring out these fabulous pieces.

Nothing like pink cocktail glasses with a gorgeous faux croc embossing on them. It was the perfect touch, LOVE LOVE LOVE

To go with my animal print glasses nothing says fancy like a vegan leopard print ice bucket< YASS Gurl YASS.

Threw in a couple copper cups because, orange tones, hammered texture, why not.

Without even knowing it my pink glasses and copper cups added that pink and orange that is part of my color scheme.

The letter board was a great addition, I was able to add a fun and quirky message for my guest, and you can find them almost anywhere and no more than $5 bucks.

Found these cute plastic flutes at dollar tree , YASS GURL YASS they were 2 for a buck, BAM!!!, save some cash. LOL and for me I already had a few packages from a previous party left over so yup ZERO DOLLARS. HAHA, score again.

I made the cutest straw flags. THANKFUL, BLESSED, and FRIENDSGIVING dropped some into the flutes and the others into this cute little owl. I might have an OWL obsession but I only like the all white ones for some reason.

More of those beautiful fresh roses here too.

Don't forget to add a beverage dispenser with your favorite non alcoholic beverage in there for your guest or make it for the kids if any. This is a great way to add an additional drink without the clutter of pop bottles or cans.

I have to add a pedestal under my beverage holder this way your dispenser doesn't have to sit at the edge of the surface, cute and functional.

This bad boy was a bargain find at Menards under $20 might have been about $14 it actually came with its own stand but when you flip it upside down its a beverage cooler and that's what I used it for this day. (not shown)

This little nook of my house never seems to stay the same, but I think for the Holidays it will definitely be my beverage station. It's also been my snack station for movie night and candy station for Halloween so far, not only do I get to decorate it but it's functional and purposeful. This area is in my living room and separate from a coffee station. I love this wreath it really dresses up the area.

As far as the food goes. All was kept in the kitchen, since I had friends bring dishes, I didn't have to worry about extra food containers etc. Everything was laid out in the kitchen, buffet style for my guest to help themselves as they wished.

I hope you have enjoyed the Friendsgiving tour and hope these ideas will help you host your next event.

DISCLAIMER: I am not sponsored, nor affiliated with any of the above mentioned, all opinions and suggestions are of my own.


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