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Hey guys so any thoughts on this color? Well if you are here you would like to hear mine, and I am here for it!!

First of I had my first High Point Market visit last year in October and let me tell you that Sherwin Williams had a very glamorous experience detailed with this color. I wish I had taken more pictures (next Oct.) they had a nail bar, (Glamorous right) painting everyones hands with the color of the year. Not to mention their exhibit was so much fun. Again next time I am bring a selfie stick.

If you have visited the website. Sherwin Williams has this amazing illustration of this color of sand running through this persons hands and it was SOOOO SOOO SOOTHING. Okay if you know me, mother nature is so inspiring but for me she is so calming. The sound of the waves, the subtle movement of the clouds, the sound of the water hitting the seashore. ALL calming sounds. So naturally blue is my calming color and I couldn’t resist but pair Redend point with blue. Why sand and water? SEE! I prefer the deeper darker blues closer to midnight blues. It was perfect for this color as it creates such a moody contrast wouldn’t you say?


Well enough about that, if you love blue here are my top Sherwin picks to pair with Redend point. Or maybe you just need a blue, check them out.

I am loving the contrast here against Redend Point! I have used Indigo Batik in our home let me just tell that color is absolutely gorgeous deep and eye catching.

Where else would I use this color

I always say “don’t do anything if you don’t LOVE IT!” So love the color and use it wherever you’d like to. It’s a soft mauve, almost terracotta color. I could see it in the kitchen, powder room, home entrance. However for me I would use it as more of an accent color. Meaning I wouldn’t paint all the walls with it. Just one, a niche, coffee bar area, closet. A place where it will shine and be the star of the show. Don’t forget you don’t have to only use it on the walls, yes use it on a cabinet, heck paint your desk with it.

I like to keep these blogs short and sweet so I hope this wasn’t too lengthy. THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY! if you are stuck trying to pick a color or color palette for your home. We offer an in home color consultation. Schedule your 30 min call so we can hear more.


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