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Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Working from home really has a new perspective and some of us may still be in that boat. I love a well dressed office. Sometimes creating a space can be challenging! Here are a few of my favorite accessories and ways to style your space.

Colorful office.

A vibrant space with a touch of eclectic. A beautiful art gallery sets the tone. It really is a fun and affordable way to style your wall. Best part is you can add your own style and mix it up with portraits or fun art that speaks to you.

Having a Lamp close by is great for added lighting, especially if you find yourself working at night or in a room that receives less natural light. Find a piece that speaks to you and double ups as something functional and adds interest. Storage in smaller spaces can be an issue especially if they are in an open space .This is where I really enjoy bringing in lots of character by the use of trays and boxes. These are great to add your pens highlighters and USB cords. Even a mirror, lipgloss and lotion near by for those zoom calls hidden in small box or tray. Of course you want cute pens! Use uniform collection, a set of the same color or a few sets in a few different colors too.

Organic elements like plants really add so much to your space, great for your quality of air and adds so much texture and life! Baskets are great to drop in, hide notebooks and any other additional work items you don’t want to let sit out.


Here’s a classic look with some earthy tones. I love a good classic black and white. Trick is to pair it with organic elements like a plant and basket weaves to soften it up and creates so much dimension.

I really love how chic this office is. The black just adds a level of sophistication, paired with soft art prints. I prefer to invest in beautiful picture frames and print art to add to them. Great way to change them up seasonally.

For a little masculine touch, bring in more elements that are geometric and streamlined. Add industrial pieces. Don’t forget to add that touch of personality whether its music or even sports into the mix.

You can find my favorite office items from above shown here.

**Please note that this post contains affiliate links and any sales made through such links will reward me a small commission – at no extra cost for you.


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