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Brass or silver? or chrome?

Are you stuck trying to decide between one or the other? Are you asking if brass is out?

Incorporating mixed metals in your kitchen design can add a modern and unique touch to your space. If you're unsure about whether brass is still in style, the answer is that it's a subjective matter. Brass has had its moment, but whether it's here to stay or not is up for debate. Gen Z may be over silver due to its prevalence in the 80s and 00s, while some Millennials claim that brass is out.

However, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Brass is still being produced, and there are ways to keep it current in your home without feeling overwhelmed or growing tired of it in a few years.


When it comes to mixing metals in the kitchen, silver is considered timeless because it pairs well with almost everything. In recent years, kitchen design has evolved, allowing for more flexibility in mixing metals. It's important to note that shiny metals like chrome can be challenging to mix, especially with stainless steel appliances. If you prefer gold or brass, opt for a less shiny finish as it will blend better with other metals. It's recommended to stick to two metals and avoid using too many different ones.

📸 Stoffer Design

Perfect example of having that brass and polished nickle. Two metals and neither one are shiny.

📸Pike Properties 

Some appliances now even offer a mixed metal feature, which can further enhance the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Such as this one above ☝🏽

📸 Karina Kaiseth Interiors, LLC

📸 Karin Bohn

Sinks, let's just say that went undermount's were introduced it was a huge game changer. Since the faucet no longer has to sit directly on the sink this offers more flexibility in mixing your faucet and sink.

f you choose to panel your appliances with cabinetry, you can achieve a seamless look and incorporate hardware such as brass, nickel, or even black finishes. This allows for more customization and adds a touch of personal style to your kitchen.

 📸Karina Kaiseth Interiors


Additionally, consider the layout of your kitchen when deciding on the type of metal to use. If your appliances are positioned closely together, brushed nickel may be a suitable option.


 Incorporating mixed metals in your kitchen design can add visual interest and create a unique and personalized space. By considering the tips mentioned above, you can achieve a cohesive and stylish look that will stand the test of time.

Contemplating your own Kitchen design? Check out our 7 steps to planning a successful kitchen guide here Don't forget if you are struggling to execute your vision don't hesitate to reach out.

Thanks for hanging out and talking design with me. Till next time!



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